1888 Friedrich Christian Dabbert bought a small beer trade Heidenreich in Laucha/Unstrut. He distributed beer of various breweries and also his own mineral water brand.

Five years later, he amplified his business by producing soft drinks, especially lemonades. For this purpose he purchased a large property on Hallesche Street 17, which is still family owned.

On this property there were two mineral fountains that could be used in the production of non-alcoholic beverages.

Building of new production and storage facilities in 1904 made filling beer into bottles possible. Due to a new cold store customers could be provided with ice even during hot summer days.

1910 the business was assumed by his son Karl Wilhelm Dabbert, who led it successfully through the  difficult twenties until 1945. He also brought the bottle washing and bottle filling machines up to date.

1945 his son Karl Friedrich Dabbert took over the management. In times of centrally planned economy private companies were exposed to lots of government chicanery and the realization of every modernization activity was a hard job. This daily fight for survival was finished in 1961 by nationalization of the family business.

Until 1978 the company functioned as a subsidiary of Brauerei Artern.

The almost 100-year history of beer wholesaler and mineral water factory Dabbert was hereby obliterated.

1979 Karl Friedrich Dabbert´s son Christian Dabbert took up employment as a technical leader with VEB OGiS Laucha. VEB OGiS Laucha, first mentioned in 1904, produced canned vegetables, frozen food, baby food and a popular fruit juice “Früchte-C”.

1989 after the wall between West and East Germany has been broken down, privatization was the only way to retain the company.  Along with two other business partners Christian Dabbert bought the company through MBO (Management BuyOut). Under the name “Glockengold Fruchtsaft GmbH” the firm has become a powerful fruit juice producer.

2009 Chris Dabbert founded the “Glockengold Fruchtsaft AG”. 01.08.2009 he took over the business and acquired the trademark rights of “Glockengold Fruchtsaft GmbH”.

The name Dabbert has been herewith affiliated to beverages production in Laucha for five generations.